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Hua Hin - Kui Buri elephant watching area taxi service

About our taxi services

This is a round trip taxi service to visit Kui Buri Elephant Watching Area. Once at the elephant watching area you can arrange a tour from the visitor center area while our driver will wait there until you are back from your tour and ready to head back.

Our regular taxis are SUVs for up to 4 people, minivans are for bigger groups up to 5-10 people depending on the amount of luggage. All our cars are spacious, with a/c and comfortable.

Service hours

The wildlife watching area will be open in the late afternoon. We recommend arriving there around 3 to 3:30 pm, this will give you some time to pay the entrance fee(s) and arrange a local guide from the visitor center.

How to book with us?

Simply by sending an enquiry by following the “enquiry” button further below. You can ask as many questions you like through the enquiry system, we will answer all. If you are happy with our answers, you can decide to book.

Sending an enquiry doesn’t mean a commitment to booking. We answer all questions for free even if not booked.

Wild elephant in Kui Buri Wildlife Watching Area


The quotes shown further below are per taxi (not per person) and include fuel.

Hua Hin to Kui Buri elephant watching area

~100 km, 1h 30min

From To Type Seats One way Round-trip
Hua Hin Kui Buri National Park SUV 3-4 1,700 THB 2,400 - 2,500 THB
Hua Hin Kui Buri National Park Minivan 6-10 2,000 THB 2,700 - 2,900 THB

Reviews from our guests

Rated 4.58/5 based on 19 customer reviews

By: | posted Tue 16 May, 2023

5/5 stars

Driver arrived early and was also very efficient in driving us there and back

By: | posted Fri 7 Apr, 2023

5/5 stars

Great driver and comfortable ride to Kui Buri park. We were lucky enough to see half a dozen elephants that day!

By: | posted Fri 17 Mar, 2023

1/5 stars

Waste of a day. Travelled from Hua Hin at some expense. Didn’t see a single animal on whole tour. Neither did other people we encountered. Would not recommend

By: | posted Sun 27 Nov, 2022

2/5 stars


Just letting you know I had been to Kui Buri some years ago prior to the establishment of the park.Back in Thailand and at Hua Hin I thought it would be nice to show both my daughter & grandson the area.

Dealing with National Parks on line was most confusing

I thought I was booking a package

Tour from which I hoped national parks would get some benefit

As it turned out all I booked was a taxi ride from Hua Hin and then had to pay for park entrance and still more for a guided tour (

with some English)into the Park. The guiding was non existent

and the English as well.

Yes we did see elephants at a distance plus a herd of roaming buffalo.

I had brought with me my binoculars

as well as my camera & lens560 mm equivalent lens.Without these to see the elephants at 500m plus with the naked eye would have been a non event.

Please get some guides that speak english and provide your visitors with the facility to at least see the elephants with binoculars or a tele scope to give them a viewing experience.

What you do now making visitors pay for each individual section does not

provide a positive viewing experience.Make it a package deal

As it stands I could not give the tour a positive recommendation

With regards. Hal Epstein

Tour operator's response

Dear Hal,

In our taxi details page (this page) where you sent this enquiry from it clearly states this is a taxi service. The title of the page says "Taxi services", below that the sub-title says "Hua Hin - Kui Buri elephant watching area taxi service", then the third title says "About our taxi services", followed by the first paragraph below it says;

"This is a round trip taxi service to visit Kui Buri Elephant Watching Area. Once at the elephant watching area you can arrange a tour from the visitor center area while our driver will wait there until you are back from your tour and ready to head back."

.... and when you sent us an enquiry, we typed this to you in person;

"A round trip to Kui Buri Wildlife Watching Area will be 2,500 Baht with a SUV option for 4 pax.

Once there, your entrance fees and guide cost not included in our price. You will be able to arrange a guide at the visitor center where you also can pay your entrance fees."

... which after you agreed to book this taxi service with us.

There is nothing to add if you missed all these.

Further more; we haven't charged you individually for this taxi service. You paid for a taxi service, the total price of 2,400 Baht for all 4 of you, for a round trip from Hua Hin.

Well at the wildlife watching area, the safari vehicle you arranged costs 850 Baht for all of you, it is not individual. This 850 Baht to be shared between a local guide and driver, and imagine, the petrol price is in that 850 Baht too. This shared "850 Baht income" is once a day opportunity as the wildlife watching area is only open on late afternoon.

Why this safari driver requirement from park authorities? It is to reduce human/elephant conflict. Farms in the area getting raided by elephants often, particularly pineapple farms destroyed by herds. We read every year elephant either electroeluted to death, or shot by locals in Kui Buri area. Other elephants found dead in the forest far from farms, further examination reveal many bullet wounds. And also imagine all non-reported case, the hidden bit of the iceberg. That's the reason park authorities try to reduce the conflict by offering job as guide at the wildlife watching area.

By: | posted Sat 26 Nov, 2022

5/5 stars

Everything was wonderful

By: | posted Thu 25 Aug, 2022

5/5 stars

Very reliable and on time. Thank you!

By: | posted Sun 24 Jul, 2022

5/5 stars

Very good, punctual

By: | posted Sun 26 Jan, 2020

5/5 stars

Very friendly, careful, and punctual driver; easy booking process with friendly person; everything was very good! Thank you very much!

By: | posted Thu 26 Dec, 2019

5/5 stars

a very goog trip with a friendly driver.

By: | posted Sat 9 Nov, 2019

5/5 stars

Top service